Rhapsody @ RCY (Jan 2016)

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Welcome to another edition of Rhapsody @ RCY, where we review all the latest buzz happening this month. Take out your calendar, and be sure to mark down these dates! Read on for more details.

Reminisce @ RCY (11/14)

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It’s time to bring back the balance, after what seems like eons spending time with your notes, textbooks, five-year series and God knows what else. This past November, we had nothing but fun, joy, peace and laughter for you, our … Continued

Rhapsody @ RCY (11/14)

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November’s a pretty busy month here in RCY. Every weekend is brimming with activities, just for you! Here’s a snapshot of the highlights:

Preview: The BIG Change(s) In 2015!

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The RCY Calendar of Events for 2015 was released last week, and there are rather substantial changes with respect to certain events. We’ll give you first hand insights, on both current and new events. Are you ready? Let’s get started!