WRCD 2016: Together For Humanity

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World Red Cross Day is celebrated annually, marking the birth of the global Red Cross Crescent Movement, as well as the birth of our Founder, Jean Henri Dunant. It is also the perfect occasion to reaffirm our commitment, as well as providing an avenue for members of the Red Cross family to come together and celebrate our shared stories. With the theme of this year’s celebration – #whatredcrossmeanstome – we go in depth into the day’s events.

2nd April 2016.

Close to 2500 Red Cross members and members of the public gathered at Compassvale Secondary School to celebrate World Red Cross Day. Upon arrival, all schools received a welcome package consisting of a sticker pad and a personalized school fan board. Who doesn’t love stickers? Hehe! The event was separated into two segments – a ceremony and a carnival. During the ceremony, we brought our members through the journey of growth from a newly planted seed into a sturdy tree, depicting how every RCY member grows and matures into a reliable leader of their unit. We welcomed our new members into the big RCY family, congratulated the Director Award recipients and the Excellent Unit Award & Sustained Achievement Award recipients.

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Next was the highlight of the day – the carnival! With food booths, games and performances were held over the two levels of indoor sports hall – EVERYONE had fun!

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Halfway through the carnival, we witnessed a flash mob from a team of VI dancing to the new RCY song – ‘Make A Change’. We hope everyone enjoyed themselves throughout the day and felt the love for Red Cross as we gathered to celebrate our founder’s Jean Henri Dunant’s vision for a united Red Cross Family!

Let’s all keep serving humanity!



Photo Album: Ceremony | Carnival\Miscelleaneous

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Guest Writer: Seah Heng Yong