DMUIP 2014: Camp Details

Are you a calm and conscientious person in the face of a disaster? Have people described you as someone who remains calm (even when facing a tsunami)? Got nerves of steel to go out there and save lives? Then this Disaster Management Unit Instructors’ Programme (DMUIP) is the one camp you’re looking for! Look forward to 2 days and 1 night of learning and fun next weekend. The details for the camp are as follows:

Reporting Time: 8.00am, 15 November
Dismissal Time: 6.00pm, 16 November
Venue: Red Cross Training Campsite (not sure how to go there? check for the directions HERE)
Reporting Attire: Mufti (School/Red Cross T-shirt With Track Pants)

Now here’s the important part!

All DMUIP trainees are required to prepare a lesson plan, and bring along a hard copy of it to the camp. Do look for your teachers, as they have previously received:

  1. A  Sample Lesson Plan
  2. The Topic Assigned To You, and,
  3. A Guide To Writing Your (First) Lesson Plan

All cadets from the same unit will work together on a single lesson plan during the camp, but each of you must bring a copy of the lesson that you have prepared.

Remember all those times you fell asleep in class because your NCO wasn’t engaging enough, or worse, simply regurgitating from the learner’s guide? Now here’s your chance to try teaching a lesson yourself! You are given a maximum of 45 minutes for your planned lesson, so use it well. Bring along any props you may want to use, or request them from the friendly trainers on camp day one. It’s up to you how interesting or dull your lesson will be. It’s time to show off to them that flair (that you have been hiding all this while) in teaching, as well as your depth of knowledge in DM.


See you there!

p.s. we jest, you don’t face a tsunami. learn to recognise the signs of a disaster and mitigate the loss of lives from this camp!