RCYC 2014: Youth On The Move!

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The Red Race is back! Since 2010, the race has never failed to bring out the athelets and geniuses within our participants, as they outwit, outrun and outplay their competitors for the inaugural title of Best Division, and be proud of the hanging black Maomao hung on the top of their Division Flags.

On its 9th year running, RCYC is back with a fresher storyline, a new system of colors for each division, new T-shirt design, a new RCYC logo and motto, fresher race & camp experiences, and most importantly, a great platform for local and foreign students to forge strong and everlasting friendship (yes, our friends from overseas will be joining us this year!).

With a powerful theme: Youth on the Move, that encourages camp participants to uncover their potential to change themselves and thus change the world, RCYC 2014 is definitely a camp not to be missed by all cadets & VIs! Amongst the 5 divisions, who will clinch the title this year?

Stay tuned as we reveal the juicy stories right here on the UnI Channel!

To learn more, visit the RCYC website @ http://rcyc14.rcyouth.com/ or be updated via our UnI Channel FB page!

Challenge Ourselves to Achieve! Ha!